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How to set up additional fields mapping between PPM Express and Jira

PPM Express allows synchronizing additional data between PPM Express and Jira instances.

Please note: To set up field mapping the user should have Manage Integration permission. 

To  set up mapping, perform the following: 

1. Navigate to Configure Connections menu of the linked/imported project.

2. Use the Configure connection button to open the Configure connection menu.

3. Select the External Items Mapping option. 

You can exclude (include) items that are synchronized from Jira to PPM Express on this page.

Please note: If you disable the item (exclude it from the list of items and click Save) the mapping will be reset to default, all the custom mapping you configure for this item will be lost in this case. 

Please note: The list of items on the Tasks Import page depends on the project scheme in Jira. If projects of the Classic type share the project scheme, then the items will be the same on this page. Next-Gen project type includes a custom number of items, so the list of items will be different. 

Also, if the project is Classic, then the fields for mapping will be taken from the Fields => Custom fields section of all Classic projects in Jira 

Please note: The fields of the Select List (cascading) type will not be included in the list of fields for mapping.  

If the Jira project is Next-Gen, the fields for mapping will be taken per project (will vary depending on the project custom fields added to a specific Next-Gen project. 

To configure task import mapping click on the pencil-like button next to the required item. 

You will see the predefined mapping and directions for the data exchange in Jira. 

  • PPM Express field – any OOB or custom field can be selected        
  • Jira field - any OOB or custom field can be selected

It is possible to edit any field, delete it or create a new PPM Express custom field from this page. 

Please note: It is possible to delete any field, however, if you delete or change the 'Type' field the items for which this field is deleted will not be displayed in the counters of the Jira tasks page. Also, it will not be possible to filter these items by Type. If the 'Iterations' field is deleted or changed for any of the items, then the iterations of this item will not be displayed on the counters of the Jira tasks page. 

Please note: The field mapping may also affect the Power BI reports. 

Please note: If you need to set the Sprint start and end dates for the item instead of the item start date and due date, you can use the 'Sprit Start' and 'Sprint End' fields for mapping that are available in the Jira Fields section and map them with the 'Start Date' and 'Due Date' PPM Express fields. 




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