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    How to link PPM Express Project to Project Online project

    This article describes how to add Project Online connection to PPM Express and link the PPM Express project to Project Online project.

    Project Online connection is not available for Core plan. 

    Please note: PPM Express allows configuring fields mapping for synchronizing additional data. Please find more details here.

    If you would like to import a number of projects at once from Project Online to PPM Express, please refer to this article.

    To add the Project Online connection to PPM Express and link PPM Express Project to Project Online project, perform the following:

    1. Open the PPM Express project that you would like to link to the Project Online project and press the Link Project button.

    2. On the 'Link to Project' tab select Project Online option.

    3. Open the Connection drop-down and select Add new connection option.

    4. Select a Basic authentication type. If you have OAuth authentication enabled, please refer to this article for detailed information on how to add connection using the OAuth authentication type. 

    5. Specify user account credentials. If requested, grant PPM Express with the permissions required.

    Please note: The account used to add a new connection should have the following permissions:

    • Should have Site Collection Administrator permissions on the PWA site. 
    • In case of SharePoint Permission Mode: should be a member of Administrators for Project Web App group.
    •  In case of Project Server Permission Mode: should be assigned to the Administrators security group.

    If your Microsoft account has Multi-factor Authentication enabled, please generate an app password via App Passwords by this link

    In the Create Connection window provide PWA URL, your Microsoft account username and enter the generated password into the Password field. Click Create to proceed. 

    6. As the connection is added, you can link the PPM Express project to the Project Online project. 

    If you would like to link the PPM Express project to an existing Project Online project, choose the 'Existing project' option (is chosen by default), open Project drop-down and select the required project from the list. 

    Press the Link Project button to link the selected project to the PPM Express project. 

    If you would like to create a new project in Project Online and link it to the PPM Express project, select the 'New project' option, type the name of your new project. 

    Press Create project button to create the project in Project Online and link the newly created project to the PPM Express project.

    Project linking will start immediately. 

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