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    Data synchronization

    To configure data synchronization and summary notifications settings, click on the gear icon in the upper-right part of the screen and choose Data Synchronization.

    Data synchronization settings 

    Data Synchronization is not available for Core plan.

    The Data Synchronization menu allows using one of the following sync scenarios.

    Synchronization schedule. This dropdown allows defining the exact day-to-day time when the sync will be performed. The free license users are allowed to perform the sync up to two times a day.

    Please note: Completed and inactive PPM Express projects are not included in data synchronization by schedule (if Project Progress is set to Completed, On Hold, or Cancelled and/or if Project Stage is set to Closing, Suspended, or Cancelled and/or if the Overall Project Status is set to Done).

    Send synchronization alerts. Using this option you can select the recipients and decide how often the 'data synchronization failed' email is sent. 

    If the email is not selected, the notification will not be sent. 

    Summary notifications settings

    PPM Express allows setting up daily and weekly notifications that are sent to Microsoft Teams or by Email

    Microsoft Teams notifications are not available for Core plan. Only Email notifications are available. 

    To enable these notifications, it is required to open the summary notification settings section and set the required weekday and time for the Daily notifications and the required weekday and time for Weekly notifications. 

    Please note: We do not recommend to set the same notification time for daily and weekly notifications. 

    Please note: We do not recommend to set the time of notifications (daily and weekly) to the same as Scheduled Synchronization time for projects. 

    When you select the required day and time the changes are saved automatically.

    For more information about PPM Express notifications, please refer to the Teams and Email notifications article. 

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