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    How to change PPM Express subscription plan

    In this article, we will review how to change the current subscription plan to a different one.

    Please note: If you decide to cancel or change the Annual plan for Monthly or from Monthly to Annual plan or change your plan to the Enterprise before the renewal date, the payment is not refundable.

    To change the current plan from Monthly Core/Pro to Annual Core/Pro or from Annual Core/Pro to Monthly Core/Pro, perform the following:

    1. Open Billing Settings page.

    2. Select the plan you need by clicking the Select plan button.

    3. In the window that appears, provide the following information:

    • Regular Seats: set the number of Professional User Seats that you would like to add to your subscription. 
    • Team Member Seats: set the number of Essential User Seats that you would like to add to your subscription. 

    Total price section will display the amount that will be charged every month from your credit/debit card as you provide payment details. 

    As you are ready with the selection, click Proceed. 

    4. Follow the steps in the Billing Operations window. 

    5. The licensing plan will be changed to a new one and charged every month or year accordingly (depending on the plan selected, monthly or annual). 

    If you would like to change the plan form Annual or Monthly to Enterprise, click the 'Contact us' button on the Enterprise plan on the Billing Settings page. This way you will contact our Sales Team and they will change your subscription to the Enterprise. 

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