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    Creating and linking a resource

    1. In the upper left part of the screen, click on the New dropdown and choose Resource. The New resource menu will appear on the right part of the screen. 

    2. Click on the menu title (New resource) and enter the resource name (you can edit it later at any time).

    3. If desired, add or remove the Details section to your new resource using the corresponding checkbox.

    4. Click on the Save button to save your changes. You will be redirected to the Resource dashboard.

    5. On the Resource dashboard, you can finish editing your new resource by adding such details as email address, resource type, etc.

    The Configure fields menu in the right part of the screen (Details section > ) allows you to show or hide certain fields of your resource and also to create and configure additional custom fields for each of your resources.

    The Configure sections control in the upper right corner of the screen () allows to show or hide sections on the Resource edit page. 

    Linking a resource 

    Resource linking is not available for Core plan. 

    1. On the resource dashboard, click the Link button in the upper right corner of the screen. The Configure connections window will appear.

    2. Choose one of the source systems.

    Please note: PPM Express allows to link a PPM Express resource to any resource from an external system from the Configure connections window.

    3. Choose a connection (e.g. an account used to get access to the source system).

    4. Select the resource from the external system that the PPM Express resource should be linked to.

    5. Click on the Link button to start resource linking.

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