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    Importing a resource

    In this article we will review how to import Resources from external systems (connections).

    Resource import is not available for Core plan. 

    1. Navigate to the Portfolios, Projects, or Resources page.

    2. In the upper left part of the screen, click on the Actions dropdown, and choose Import resources. You will be redirected to the Resource import screen.

    3. In the Select connection dropdown select the connection you want to import your resources from. If the necessary connection is not configured yet, you can use the Add new connection option in the same dropdown menu to open the connection setup screen. 

    4. After you select a connection, you will see the list of all the resources available in the chosen source system. Any resources which are not already imported into PMO Express will be marked as New in the Status column of this list.

    The contents of the Resource name column are editable. If necessary, you may assign a different name for any resource to be used in PPM Express before importing.

    6. Mark the resources you want to import into PPM Express and click the Import button in the upper left part of the screen. Importing resources may take some time.

    When the import process is completed, imported resources will have Already linked status. 

    Please note: When importing resources from Jira, resource emails may not be imported due to Jira API limitations. To import resource emails from Jira to PPM Express it is required to make all accounts selected for import visible to anyone who can view your content and accessible by installed apps. For this purpose open the Account settings => Profile and visibility => Anyone

    The setting should be set to Anyone before the import process begins. 

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