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    Data synchronized from Planner Connection

    This article describes what data is synchronized to the PPM Express project from an imported/linked Planner plan.

    Planner connection is not available for Core plan. 

    In case when PPM Express project is connected to a Planner plan, the following PPM Express project sections will be populated with data synchronized from Planner and the following information appears in the PPM Express project:


    In the Summary section, the timeline and Progress display data synchronized from Planner, showing the project progress.

    Progress – shows the number of tasks in the project, where the first number corresponds to the number of tasks with the status “Complete” and the second number corresponds to the total number of tasks. 


    Team section displays a list of all resources assigned to the project with a number of tasks assigned to each resource grouped by the task progress.

    Task Progress:

    • In Progress Tasks – corresponds to In Progress tasks in Planner
    • Completed Tasks – corresponds to Completed tasks in Planner
    • Not Started Tasks – corresponds to Not Started in Planner
    • Late Tasks – Tasks with finish date less than Today and progress set to In Progress or Not Started in Planner
    • This Week Tasks – Tasks that are executed this week


    This section includes four cards where you can quickly review the tasks statuses, progress, summary. All the tasks numbers are clickable and open the Planner tasks page in PPM Express filtering out the tasks by the selected value.
    You can review tasks synchronized from Planner on a separate Planner tasks page.    

    Please note: Completed and inactive PPM Express projects are not included in data synchronization by schedule (if Project Progress is set to Completed, On Hold, or Cancelled and/or if Project Stage is set to Closing, Suspended, Cancelled and/or if the Overall Project Status is set to Done).

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