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    Projects tab

    Projects tab allows managing projects available for time reporting. This tab is available only to the users who have the Project Manager or Tenant Administrator role assigned.

    1.    New project button. Opens New project menu.

    2.    Refresh the project list button. 

    3.    Import project button. Allows importing various entities (e.g. Outlook recurrent tasks, Planner plans) from the connected source system as PPMX Time projects.

    4.    Export all button. Exports all the available projects as an Excel table.

    To manage a project, select it by marking the checkbox in the list next to it. The following controls will become available:

    New project (1) button opens the New Project menu.

    Edit (2) button allows to edit project information. 

    Clone (3) button allows to clone the selected project. 

    Managers (4) button allows assigning Project Manager(s) for the selected projects.

    Team Members (5) button allows adding project team members from the users list.   

    Links (6) button opens the Links menu where you can import projects from the external connectors and link PPM Express Time project and project from the selected connector. 

    Delete (7) button allows deleting the selected projects. 

    Refresh (8) button allows refreshing the Projects page. 

    Import (9) button opens the Import Projects menu where you can select to import a number of projects at one go from the external systems (connectors) supported. 

    Export all (10) exports the projects list as an .xls document.

    Export selected (11) exports the list of the selected projects as an .xls document.

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