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    Time tab

    The Time tab is the main workspace of PPM Express Time and is used by employees to report work time. You can reach it using the main navigational menu on the left part of the screen.

    The Time page is available for all PPM Express Time despite the user role assigned.

    The Time tab is opened by default in the Work week view mode showing the current calendar week. If desired, you can switch this view to the Day, Week, or Month using the Calendar view switcher (9) in the upper right corner of the screen (under the Connectors (11) controls).

    1.    Time tab button on the main navigation panel.

    2.    Work time calendar. The main workspace for adding and editing manual and suggested time entries.

    3.    Reported time counter.

    4.    Expected time counter. Shows the total amount of work time expected to be reported for the chosen time period.

    5.    Suggested time сounter. Shows the total time length of suggested time entries PPM Express TIME could create for the chosen time period.

    6.    Today button. Selects the current calendar date in the timesheet.

    7.    Previous/Next time period switcher. Allows navigating to the previous or the next time period.

    8.    Date dropdown. Allows selecting the necessary date via the calendar.

    9.    Calendar view switcher. Switches between Day, Week, Work week, or Month calendar view.

    10.  Calendar scale switchers. Zoom in/out the calendar view.

    11.  Source system configuration menus. Used to create and configure connections between the supported source systems and PPM Express TIME

    12.  Import setup menu. Includes the main switchers used to turn on/off suggested and ignored entries.

    13.  Customer support contact form.

    14.  User login menu.   

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