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    In this article, we will review Calendar settings in PPM Express. 

    The settings on the Calendar page are taken into account to calculate resource capacity.

    Also, the Calendar exceptions are taken into account in the internal tasks (task dependencies). If you set up task dependencies, the start date of the dependent task (successor) will become read-only. The start date becomes dependent on the predecessor's due date.  If the due date of the predecessor's task is right before the calendar exception (national holiday), the dependant task will start one day later (taking into account the holiday set in the calendar exceptions).

    To get to the Calendar page click on the gear button in the right upper corner and select the Calendar option. 

    Please note: Calendar page is available only for users with Manage Resources permission. 

    On the Calendar page you can edit two sections: 

    • Default work week
    • Exceptions

    In the Default work week section, you can set the number of working hours per day on the organizational level. 

    To edit the hours just double click on the required work week day. 


    In the Exceptions section, you can add calendar exceptions (national/international holidays, company holidays, etc.) to make sure work is not scheduled on days when your organization is not working.

    To add an exception perform the following: 

    1. Open Calendar Settings page. 

    2. In the Exceptions section click the Create Exception button. 

    3. Type in the name for your exception, set the date, description, and expected hours. 

    4. Click the Create Exception button.  

    5. The exception will appear in the list and will be taken into account to calculate resource capacity.

    To edit or delete an existing exception, select it and click on the required button to proceed. 

    Please note: As a rule, all resources use the common tenant-wide work week settings set by PPM Express Administrators on the Calendar Settings page. If needed, it is possible to set the workweek settings for the specific resource on the Resource Dashboard. If the specific settings are provided in the Work Week section of the Resource Dashboard, it will override the tenant-wide settings for this resource. 

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