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    How to check projects sync status

    In this article we will review how to check project sync status. 

    Project sync status feature is not available for Core plan. 

    PPM Express projects contain data configured by the Project Manager. However, if the project is linked to any external system, in addition to manually added information, data from the linked project is synchronized. You can verify the last sync status from the project page itself - verify if the sync button is green or red, which means that the last sync was successful or has failed accordingly.

    However, a much easier and quicker way is to check the sync status of all projects using the Sync Status view.

    Sync Status view can be accessed by the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the Projects page
    2. Switch to Configurable Table data representation
    3. Select Sync Status view

    Sync Status view contains the following information:

    1. Project Name – the name of the project in PPM Express
    2. Linked System – in case the PPM Express project is linked to a project from an external system, the system icon and name are displayed.
      Linked System column will be empty, in case the PPM Express project is not linked to a project from an external system.
      Please note: If the PPM Express project is linked to an Office365 group, the Linked System column in Sync Status view will be empty as well.
    3. Sync date – displays date and time of the project last sync
    4. Sync Status– shows a sync icon:
      1. - if the icon is green – that last sync was successful
      2. if the icon is grey – sync is in progress
      3. if the icon is red – the last sync has failed
    5. Sync  Details – shows an error message that the last sync failed with. 

    Actions available from the Sync Status view:

    • Run sync per project. For that, click the sync button next to the project that you wish to run sync for.
    • Run sync of all or several projects. For that select projects and click  the run sync button
    • Bulk Edit of all or several projects. For that click the bulk edit button. Please find more details on bulk edit here.  

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