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    Managing budgets

    Budget management in PPM Express is done via FluentPro Financials widget, which creates a separate budget for each portfolio or project you add or import. 

    Budget Management is not available for Core plan. 

    Please note: Portfolio level budgets are currently independent of project budgets (e.g. portfolio budget is not a sum of project budgets included in it).

    Please note: You do not need to additionally install the FluentPro Financials app to use the Budgets section. FluentPro Financials is a build-in widget in PPM Express that you can use to manage your budgets.  

    Editing a budget

    The following details and options are available in each budget:

    1. Display period is the period that FluentPro Financials shows data for.

    2. View allows changing data visualization: by Month, Quarter or Year.

    3. Data types allows adding/remove which financial data types are calculated: Forecast, Baseline, Actual.

    4. Heatmap – enable this option, which will help you to visualize your budget and display whether  Forecast data is greater than Baseline.

    5. Copy:

    • Forecast To Baseline allows copying current values from the Forecast column copy to the Baseline column. 
    • Baseline to Forecast allows copying current values from Baseline column to Forecast column.

    6. Gear - redirects to budget settings.

    It is highly recommended to configure the budget categories at once before you start creating your Project/Portfolio Budget. In this case, the template will be saved and applied to all Project/Portfolio budgets. The categories are configured via FluentPro Financials widget, which is opened by clicking on the gear-like button. 

    When you click on the gear-like button you will be redirected to the FluentPro Financials Settings page where you can set up the categories as required. 

    Please note: If you do not set up the categories at once and create Project or Portfolio budgets, then it will be needed to edit the categories per each project/portfolio if needed. The categories template will be applied to the newly created budgets only. 

    To learn more about FluentPro Financials and its settings, please refer to its documentation.  

    Please note: When you open the FluentPro Financials Settings from the PPM Express Budgets section, you will get only those tabs and settings that you need to manage budgets within PPM Express. If you open the FluentPro Financials documentation by the link, you will jump to the articles of the FluentPro Financials app used for Project Online. You will find more tabs and settings described there which are used for the FluentPro Financials for Project Online only and do not appear if you open the app from PPM Express. 

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