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    Creating and linking a portfolio

    You can create Portfolios in PPM Express, add Projects to your Portfolios or create new Projects from the Portfolio dashboard directly. It is also possible to link your Portfolio to one of the connections supported by PPM Express. 

    1. On any PPM Express page in the upper left part of the screen, click on the New dropdown and choose Portfolio. New portfolio menu will appear in the right part of the screen.

    2. Click on the menu title (New portfolio) and enter the name for your new portfolio.

    3. Choose the sections required by checking the corresponding checkboxes (you will be able to change these settings later).

    Create Filter option allows creating a project filter automatically on portfolio creation. If this option is selected and the filter is created, projects can be viewed/filtered by this portfolio on the Projects page. 

    Click Create Portfolio button. Your new portfolio will be created and you will be redirected to the portfolio dashboard.

    Please note: It is possible to assign several managers for the same Portfolio. For this purpose open the Portfolio Dashboard => Details section => Manager field. 

    Linking a group

    As the Portfolio is created it can be linked to Office365 to Teams group connection in PPM Express (as for now only Office365 and Teams group connection is supported).

    Teams group connection is not supported for Core plan. 

    We will review the process of linking your portfolio to the Office 365 group as an example. 

    Linking your Portfolio to the Office365 group allows you to easily access the linked group and its content from the Portfolio dashboard in PPM Express.

    This group can be used as storage for different kinds of documents. 

    To link your Portfolio to Office 365 group, perform the following: 

    1. On the portfolio dashboard, click the Link button in the upper right corner of the screen. The Configure connections window will appear.

    2. Choose a connection (an account used to get access to the source system).
    If you do not have any connections added, select the 'Add new connection' option and provide the credentials for Office 365 account.

    3. To link the portfolio with an existing group, use the Select group tab and then choose the corresponding entity from the list. To create a new entity to link your portfolio with, use the Create group tab.

    4. Check the 'Add manager as an owner to Office 365 group' checkbox if you want to add PPM Express portfolio manager as an owner of the linked Office365 group during portfolio synchronization in PPM Express.

    5. Click on the Link group button to start portfolio linking.

    As the portfolio is linked, you will see the connection icon in the left upper part of the Portfolio dashboard. If you click on this icon Office365 group will be opened in a new tab and you will be able to review its content. 

    Adding a project into a portfolio 

    1. On the Portfolio dashboard, navigate to the Projects section by clicking Projects in the navigational menu on the left or by simply scrolling the page down.

    2. Click the Add projects button. Add projects pop up menu will appear. Add projects option allows adding a project to a portfolio from the list of existing projects.

    3.  Select projects from the dropdown menu and click Done. 

    4. Click the Create Project button to create a brand new project within the current portfolio.

    Please note: One specific project may belong only to one portfolio.

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