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    Business Challenge Dashboard

    Business Challenge Dashboard allows viewing and editing all the information about a specific Business Challenge.

    Business Challenges are not available for Core plan. 

    On the Business Challenge Dashboard, you can review the status of the Business Challenge and add a custom logo. 

    Configure button in the left upper part of the page allows to perform the following:

    1) Open the Configure Sections menu. This menu allows hiding the unused sections by unchecking the corresponding check-boxes or rearrange their order (by click and drag). 

    This page includes two sections: 

    • Details 
    • Ideas 

    2) Using the Configure option it is also possible to Save and Apply Layouts and create a default layout to the Business Challenge Dashboard. You can create as many layouts as needed and then apply the required one. 

    Please note: To be able to save the layout of the page, Manage Configuration permissions are required. 

    3) Delete option allows deleting the Business Challenge. 

    Please note: Only Business Challenges that do not have any ideas can be deleted. 

    Details section contains the most important information about the Business Challenge.

    Configure Fields button in the right upper part of the section is used to show or hide specific fields from the list or to add a custom field or rearrange their order (by click and drag).

    Please note: Only users with Manage Configuration rights can create new fields. 

    Ideas section displays the list of all ideas added to the Business Challenge by users. 

    Submit Idea button allows submitting new ideas. 

    Please note: Users can submit new ideas only for Active Business Challenges. 

    Delete Ideas button allows deleting the selected ideas. 

    Configure Columns button is used to show or hide specific columns from the list or to add a custom field or rearrange their order (by click and drag).

    You can use existing Filter presets or create new ones to filter the ideas on the page. 

    To find a step by step instruction on how to create and manage Challenges and Ideas, please refer to this article

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