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    Project tasks page

    Project tasks page allows viewing and editing tasks for a specific project. 

    Please note: In this article, we will review the project tasks page for the internal PPM Express tasks. Tasks synchronized from external systems are located on separate pages that can be opened from the Schedule project section (external tasks functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise license types only). 

    To get to the Project tasks page, open the project where you need to add or review tasks, and click on the Task management icon in the right upper part of the Project Dashboard

    Also, you can access the Project tasks page by clicking the Manage Tasks option on the Schedules section of the Project Dashboard

    On the Tasks page, you can review the project name and overall status of the project that you are working on, the link projects button is available here, and the days remaining for your project. 

    Please note: Tasks imported from external systems and tasks created manually in PPM Express are not mixed or merged. You will be able to review them separately on the Project Dashboard

    The project tasks page consists of the Tasks statuses section and PPM Express Tasks section where you can add project tasks. 

    The task statuses section consists of three cards:

    • Tasks Statuses
    • Tasks Progress
    • Task Summary

    If you click on the task number next to each status on the cards the tasks list will be filtered according to the selected value (for example, if you click on the number of Late tasks, the tasks list will be filtered by late tasks). 

    The PPM Express Tasks section allows adding new tasks to your project, create task groups, and import tasks from the .csv file

    There are two views available for the PPM Express Tasks section in the right upper part of this section: table and timeline.

    To find out how to add, group, and manage PPM Express tasks, please refer to the Creating and managing project tasks article. 

    When at least one task or group is created you can use the available options on the task page. 

    1. Create new tasks using the New task button;

    2. Create new groups using the Manage Groups button;

    3. Edit the selected task using the Edit Task button; 

    4. Delete the selected task using Delete Task button;

    5. Import/Export tasks to/from .csv files using the File button. 

    6. You can switch between the tasks timeline and table views. 

    7. You can change PPM Express task start/finish dates on the timeline view directly (by dragging the timeline to the required date).

    8. Also, you can change the timeframe on the timeline view and select to review the task timeline by days/weeks/months/quarters/years. 

    9. Each task has the ... icon on the right using which you can open the tasks menu and perform the following: 

    • Edit the task
    • Delete the task
    • Move to group
    • Copy the task
    • Set progress for the task
    • Assign the task to your resources

    Please note: It is possible to select several tasks at once and apply the changes to a number of tasks at one go using the tasks menu on the right. 

    10. Use the default and create custom views for your tasks. 

    11. Filter your tasks out using the default prefilters and filters or creating custom filters. 

    12. Tasks statuses can be quickly reviewed in the Statuses section. 

    The tasks can be filtered out from the Statuses tasks section by clicking on the task number. 

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