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    Team planner and resource utilization

    PPM Express provides an overview of the Resource utilization that shows whether your whole team or specific employees are fully booked. It makes the process of project planning easier and helps get the most of the available resources.

    Team planner and resource utilization are not available for Core plan. 

    Resource utilization is available on the Resource dashboard where you can review the utilization of a specific resource per project. Also, you can review the resource utilization from the Resources page for all resources in the company or only for the selected ones. 

    This page is used not only for viewing the information but as a team planner as well. You can allocate the selected resources to the required projects at one go and quickly plan your team. 

    Please note: Only users with Manage Resources permission can open and review the Resource Utilization page. Only users who have Manage Resources permission and permission to edit project(s) can update information on the Resource Utilization page.

    To get to the resource utilization from the Resources page perform the following: 

    1. Open the Resources page. 

    2. Select all resources or only the ones you would like to review right now and click the Plan button. 

    The Plan option is also available from the Actions menu. 

    3. Resource Utilization page will be opened at once displaying the information for the selected resources. 

    Resource utilization will be displayed for all projects, displaying the total hours, starting from the current month plus 6 months. 

    You can review the Resource utilization by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

    Using the 'Add Resource', 'Remove from project' and 'Allocate' buttons on top you can take the corresponding actions: add more resources to the list on the page, remove the selected resources from the selected projects, allocate the resources in a bulk. 

    It is possible to add a project to the selected resource on this page and allocate it at once on this page. For this purpose click on the ... menu button and click the 'Add Project' button. 

    It is also possible to expand each resource and review the information for the resource per project. 

    In this case, you can review the total hours for all projects, starting from the current month plus 6 months, and utilization hours for each period in the projects separately. 

    Resource utilization can be viewed in Hours, Percent, FTE, or Chart Views

    You can review the resource utilization by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

    Resources can be Committed and Proposed. When you allocate the resource on the project it is in the Proposed state. When you are ready you can commit the resource. For this purpose select the required project and click on the ... menu button next to the resource and select the Commit option. 

    The time periods can be displayed in three colors depending on the resource allocation hours:

    • green/grey - allocation hours are within the resource capacity;
    • yellow - total allocation hours per month are within the resource capacity, but the resource is overallocated for one day;
    • red - resource allocation is higher than resource capacity (resource is overallocated for the period displayed in red).

    If you have the required permissions, you can edit resource allocation per project. Just double click on the required period to edit it or select several periods using the Shift button. It is also possible to hold and drag the mouse to select several time periods at once. 

    When you are ready with the selection click the Allocate button and select or type in the required number of hours. You can also use percent, FTE, or auto allocation. 

    You can also select several resources and projects at once to quickly plan the teams on your projects. 

    Project names are clickable and allow you to jump to the required project at once and start editing the information there. 

    Resource utilization is also available on the Resource dashboard page. Here you can review the information for the specific resource. 

    The same set of actions and settings as on the Resource Utilization page is available here. 

    If you have the required set of permissions, you can edit the information in the Utilization section.

    Please note: If you edit resource allocation from the Resource Utilization page or from the Utilization section of the Resource dashboard, these changes will be synchronized to the Resource Plan project section. 

    Please note: When you allocate the resource calendar exceptions are taken into account. Also, you can set the work week or calendar exceptions on the Resource dashboard for the specific resource. If a resource has calendar exceptions, this information will be taken into account and the resource availability and capacity will be displayed according to these settings in the resource utilization section. If you navigate to the selected period, a notification will be displayed where you can review the calendar exception applied and why the capacity is 0 for this period, for example. 

    If you select to auto allocate (or manually allocate) the resource on the project, the resource will be allocated taking into account the Calendar Exceptions setting, if any.

    Please note: When allocating a resource it is possible to review the resource Estimated Cost and Estimated Revenue by adding these fields using the Configure Columns menu on the right. 

    If the Standard Cost is changed on the resource dashboard for the resource, the Estimated Cost will be recalculated.

    Also, it is possible to set a Charge rate value for a specific resource on a specific project. For more information please refer to this article.

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