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    How to add and allocate resources to projects

    PPM Express allows creating resource plans for your projects. 

    Resource planning, allocation, and utilization are not available for Core plan. 

    Using the Resource plan project section you can allocate your projects to both Work and Material resources. Resource planning allows you to maximize resource efficiency and get an overview of resources' availability and capacity. 

    The Resource plan section helps project managers to organize their team, manage resource utilization, and track resource capacity. 

    When the resources are added to the Resource plan, this information appears on the Resources page as well which makes it easy for the resource managers and resources to know exactly what projects they're working on. 

    Please note: Only users who have Manage resources permission and permission to edit the project can add resources to the Resource plan section and allocate them. 

    Adding resources

    You can add and allocate resources from several pages in PPM Express. We will review how to add and allocate resources from the Project dashboard page => Resource Plan section. However, you can add the resources and allocate them to your projects from the Resource dashboard page and Resource Utilization page. 

    To add and allocate resources to your project perform the following: 

    1. Open the required project and navigate to the Resource Plan section. If you do not have this section added, open the Configure sections menu and add this section to the Project dashboard. 

    2. Click Add Resources button.

    If you need to add a new resource, click the Create Resource button. The newly created resource will be added to the Resources page as well. 

    3. In the window that appears start typing resource name, email or role to quickly find the required resource. Or click on the search window to load the list of all resources available (10 first resources from the resources list will be loaded). 

    Please note: If you did not find the resource in the list using the search option, try to narrow the search by typing more letters from the resource name, email, or role. 

    4. Select the required resource by clicking on it. You can add several resources at once. 

    5. Toggle the Allocate switch to ON if you need to automatically allocate your resource to the project. 

    6. Click the Add Resources button. 

    Please note: When you automatically allocate the resource to your project, resource Max Units and resource calendar are taken into account to calculate the resource capacity. Max Units for all newly created resources is set to 100% (8h per day). You can change this value on the Resource dashboard page => Details section => Max Units. 

    Please note: When you allocate the resource calendar exceptions set on the Calendar settings page are taken into account. Also, you can set the work week or calendar exceptions on the Resource dashboard page for the specific resource. If a resource has calendar exceptions, this information will be taken into account and the resource availability and capacity will be displayed according to these settings.

    Please note: Resource will be allocated starting from the project start date to the project due date. If there are no dates for the project, the resource will be allocated for the current month plus 6 months. You can always change the time period you would like to review by clicking on it and selecting the dates you need. 

    When you allocate the resources, they will appear in the Resource plan section and the time will be set at once if you have selected to automatically allocate them. However, the resources will be in the Proposed state until you select to commit them. 

    To commit the resources on the project click on the ... menu button and select the Commit option. 

    Allocation is available in Hours, Percent, FTE, or Chart Views.

    You can review the Resources timeline by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

    Allocating resources manually

    If you have added resources to the resource plan section and did not select to automatically allocate them or would like to edit the time manually, you can always change the information as required, just double click on the resource and set the time as needed.

    Also, you can click on the resource time period and set or edit the time in Hours, Percent, or FTE. 

    On the resource card, you can review the information for the current resource. 

    If you set more hours than resource capacity the resource will be overallocated and this time period will be displayed in red color. 

    Please note: If you need to allocate the resource for the weekend, it can be done only manually per resource. In this case, you can set only hours, percent or FTE will not be available as resource capacity = 0 for the weekends and calendar exceptions. 

    Please note: You can select several resources at once to allocate them. For this purpose check the check-boxes of the required resources and select the Allocate option. 

    Also, you can hold the Shift button and select several periods for one or different resources and click the Allocate button. 

    It is possible to replace the resource with another one. For this purpose click on the ... button next to the required resource and select the Replace Resource option. 

    Please note: If you replace the resource, the allocation will be automatically applied for the new resource. However, if the resource is committed and you replace it with another one, the new resource will be in the proposed state until you select to commit it. 

    Please note: When allocating a resource it is possible to review the resource Estimated Cost and Estimated Revenue by adding these fields using the Configure Columns menu on the right. Also, it is possible to set a Charge rate value for a specific resource on a specific project. For more information please refer to this article.

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