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    Demo data in PPM Express

    Demo Projects, Portfolios and Resources are available for users in PPM Express right after the first registration of PPM Express tenant. 

    Demo data allows reviewing what information can be added to PPM Express and what benefits PPM Express provides. You can review demo Projects, Portfolios and Resources and test the application with demo data and then create or import your own data. 

    As you register a new PPM Express tenant you will get to the screen where you can create your Projects, Portfolios, and Resources at once. 

    If you are not ready to create your own Projects, Portfolios, and Resources and would like to have a look around first, click on the Next > Get Started button. 

    As you click Next > Get Started button, you will get to the Portfolios page. There are three demo Portfolios on this page that you can open and review at once. Each Portfolio includes several Projects.   

    As you click on the Portfolio card and open Portfolio Dashboard, you will see data for the Projects included in this Portfolio. You can review Projects Summary, Statuses, General information about the Projects included in the current Portfolio, Key dates, and Portfolio Details. 

     If you click on any Project name on Portfolio Dashboard, Project Dashboard will be opened and you will be able to review the details for the selected Project. 

    Also, if you navigate to the Projects page, you will see all demo Projects included in PPM Express. 

    On this page, you can review information for the Projects and select to open the Project Dashboard of any Project you would like to review the details for.  
    You can switch to the configurable table or timeline view in the right upper part of the page.   

    PPM Express also includes Generic Resources that are used in demo Projects. You can open Resources page and review demo Resources and use them later for your Projects if required.  

    You can switch between these pages and review demo data to get the idea on how PPM Express is built and its main concepts. But please note that PPM Express is about much more because demo data is not linked to any of the source systems PPM Express supports. To fully evaluate PPM Express, we recommend importing your own Projects from the source systems PPM Express supports. 

    If you create and link or import your own Projects to PPM Express form Project Online, Planner, Jira or Azure DevOps, data from these systems will be imported to different Project sections of Project Dashboard (data can be synchronized from external systems to the following Project sections: Project Schedule, Project Team, Key dates, Iterations, Details, Risks, Issues). This data will be constantly updated, as there is scheduled data synchronization. 

    Also, PPM Express provides lots of Power BI reports using which you can see all progress indicators of your portfolios, projects, resource usage, timelines any time you need this information.  

    To use PPM Express Power BI reports, it is required to configure external Power BI reports. As soon as you add your data to PPM Express, you can configure external PPM Express Power BI reports and use unified reporting for all portfolios and projects in your organization.

    As you are ready to add your data to PPM Express, you can easily remove demo data in a bulk when you do not need it anymore and as you are ready to use the application adding your own data.

    To remove the Project in a bulk, open Projects configurable table or timeline view and select the Projects you would like to remove by checking their checkboxes or select them in a bulk. 

    Delete the selected Projects.
    Perform the same with Portfolios and Resources, if needed. 

    Also, please note that using the bulb-like button that is available on every PPM Express page, in the left lower part, you can open a tour guide on the selected topic and review how everything works in PPM Express. 

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