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    Importing a project

    In this article we will review the process of projects import. 

    Project import is not available for Core plan. 

    1. Navigate to the Portfolios, Projects or Resources page.

    2. In the upper left part of the screen, click on the Actions dropdown and choose Import projects.

    3. In the Select connection dropdown select the connection (e.g. user account in the source system) you want to import your project from. If the necessary connection is not configured yet, you can use the Add new connection option in the same dropdown menu to open the connection setup screen.

    4. After you select a connection, you will see the list of all the projects or plans available for importing. All the projects which are not already imported into PPM Express will be marked as New in the Status column of this list.

    5. The second column in the list shows the name of the project in the source system. The Project name column shows the name which will be used for this project in PPM Express (by default these names are equal). The contents of this column are editable. If necessary, you may assign a different name to be used in PPM Express before importing the project.

    6. The Status column shows the current liking status for each project:

    • Link. Matched by name. The project exists in PPM Express and a project with a similar name is found at the source system.
    • Already linked. The project exists in PPM Express and is already linked with a project at the source system.
    • New. The project was found at the source system, but there is no project with a similar name in PPM Express and thus, the project is not linked.

    7. Mark the projects you want to import into PPM Express and click the Import button in the upper left part of the screen. Importing projects may take some time.

    Please note: If the project had any resources assigned to it in the source system, these resources will also be automatically imported into PPM Express. For more information about resources import please refer to the Importing resources and Resource merging articles. 

    Please note: As the project is imported to PPM Express, it is possible to link this project to more source systems, if needed ( Project Online, Planner, Jira or Azure DevOps). 

    To find a step by step instruction on how to link a project to several Connections please refer to this article.

    Additional Settings

    When importing Jira projects, there is an additional option that allows selecting a board.

    Select the board in case you need to synchronize iterations from the Jira project. 

    Please note: PPM Express will synchronize iterations from the selected board.

    • In case "No Board" is displayed in the Project Board column - the Jira project has no boards.
    • In case the board is selected - the Jira project has only one board and iterations from this board will be synchronized. You can select "No Board" is necessary.
    • In case no data is selected in the Project Board column next to the project - the Jira project has several boards. You can select either of the boards or select "No Boards" if necessary.

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