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    Portfolio and Project Dashboard configuration

    In this article, we will review how to configure Project, Portfolio, Resource, Business challenges and Idea dashboard (Business Challenges and Ideas are not available for Core plan). 

    We will take the Project dashboard as an example, but the main set of settings is the same for all PPM Express pages. 

    Configuring Project sections

    When a new Project is created, its dashboard will show the default page sections.

    To show or hide a specific section, use the Configure Sections menu, which can be opened by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the page. Select the Configure Sections option to start editing Project dashboard sections. You can show or hide the sections and change their position by dragging and dropping. 

    You can also edit the name of each section, populate the description by clicking on the pencil-like button next to it.

    The sections can be expanded or hidden on the Portfolio dashboard. This setting is also available if you open the section for editing and can be saved to the layout and applied to other Projects. For more details please refer to the 'How to create and save layouts' article. 

    As you add the required sections to the project dashboard, they will appear in the left corner at once. You can switch between the sections using the section menu on the left to make the navigation faster. 

    Configuring Project fields and columns

    Most of the sections of the Project dashboard can also be configured. Use either Configure Columns button or the icon in the right part of the section title to configure the appearance of a specific section, change the position of the columns, show or hide specific elements and also add or remove custom fields. 

    Most of the default Columns can be edited as well. To edit a column open Configure Column menu and click on the pencil-like button to start editing it. 

    As an example, let's configure the Details section on the Project dashboard.

    To set up the required Project Fields navigate to the Details project section and open the Configure Fields menu. 

    In the Configure Fields menu you can select the fields you would like to be displayed on the Details project section. 

    Also, each project field can be edited if required. To edit the project field, navigate to this field and click on the pencil-like button. 

    When the field is opened for editing, you can decide if the field is required or not, populate the description for the field, etc.

    You can add your own custom fields to the Details project section as well. To add a custom field scroll to the bottom of the Configure Fields window and select the New Field option. 

    Please note:  To be able to create new fields on Project, Portfolio, and Resource dashboard, users need to have Manage Configuration rights. These rights can be granted by the PPM Express Administrator via the People Management menu. 

    Custom fields can be deleted by clicking on the corresponding button next to it. The default fields can not be deleted.

    Please note: If you delete a custom field, all data related to this custom field will be deleted (values in projects/portfolios, etc., this field will be deleted from the views and filters, etc.). 

    Saving/applying layouts 

    PPM Express provides an ability to save and later apply a layout of the Project dashboard.

    When you are ready configuring Project dashboard sections by hiding existing sections or adding new ones, adding the required fields to these sections, you can save this layout and make it default if required. 

    The default layout will be later applied to the Project dashboard of all newly created projects on your PPM Express tenant. Other layouts can be applied per project as required or can be applied to a number of projects at one go using the 'Bulk Edit' option that is available form the Projects page => table view. 

    When you are ready configuring the layout and need to save the Project dashboard configuration as a Layout/Default Layout open the Configure menu from the right top part of the page and select Layouts option => click Create

    In the window that appears, provide the name for your layout, decide if it will be a default layout or not, and click the Submit button. 

    As the layout is saved, you can select to apply it to your projects, update it, edit or remove it. 

    Please note: Default layouts can not be deleted. 

    For more details please refer to the 'How to create and save layouts' article.

    To be able to save the Layout and apply Layouts PPM Express users should have 'Manage Configuration' permissions.
    PPM Express users permissions are managed via the People Management section. 

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