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    How to assign licenses to users in PPM Express

    In this article, we will review how to assign licenses to PPM Express users. 

    Users in PPM Express need to have a license assigned to be able to log in to PPM Express and act according to their permissions set while assigning the required license type. 

    Users that are added to PPM Express may have two types of license: 

    • Regular type - users with a Regular license type may have a full set of PPM Express permissions. By default users with Regular license type have manage resources permissions and permissions to view all projects and portfolios and edit projects and portfolios they own. PPM Express administrator defines permission level for each user with a Regular license type on the People Management page. 
    • Team Member type - users with Team Member license type have read permissions and view all PPM Express Portfolios and Projects by default. Using 'Collaborate on' permission PPM Express administrator can grant Team Members permission for editing PPM Express tasks. On the People Management page, PPM Express administrator may define what Portfolios and/or Projects exactly these users have permissions to review and/or edit tasks for. 

    Licenses are assigned to users via People Management page.

    Please note: Only users with Administrate app permissions can assign licenses to users via the People Management page.

    Please note: To be able to assign users different license types, it is required to obtain a license for a number of user seats you would like to add to PPM Express. 

    Before assigning licenses to the users, please make sure that there are enough user seats available in your PPM Express tenant. For this purpose open People Management page. This information is available in the right upper corner. The first number corresponds to the number of licenses that are already assigned to the users and the second number is the total number of licenses of each type within your PPM Express tenant.

    If there are not enough licenses for users in your organization, please purchase the required number of user seats first. For this purpose, visit the Billing Settings page. This action is available only for PPM Express users who are granted with Manage Billing permissions. By default, only the first user who registered PPM Express tenant and has Administrate app permissions will have Manage Billing permissions. This user may grant Manage Billing permissions to other users with a Regular type of license, as required. 

    To assign the required license type to the user, perform the following: 

    1. Open PPM Express People Management page and make sure that there are enough licenses of the required type within your tenant.

    2. Open the required user for editing.

    3. Select the required license type from the License drop-down. 

    4. Set the required permissions for this user and click Save

    The required license type will be applied to the user and the permissions will be applied accordingly as well. 

    To find out how to invite more users to PPM Express and assign the required licenses to these users at once, please refer to this article

    To find out how to register new users in PPM Express and how the licenses are assigned for the newly registered users, please refer to this article

    If a user does not need to have access to PPM Express any more and does not need a license to be assigned, it is possible to set 'Not applied' value in the license field. 

    In this case, the license type that was assigned to this user will become available and can be assigned to another user, if needed. 

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