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    How to upgrade PPM Express license

    In this article, we will review how to upgrade the PPM Express license from a trial plan to a paid subscription. 

    PPM Express price depends on the number of users from your Team that you would like to add to PPM Express tenant and the license types you would like to assign to each user. As the license plan is selected, it will be possible to assign a PPM Express license to the users on the People Management page. There are two types of license that can be assigned to PPM Express users:

    • Regular type - users with a Regular license type may have a full set of PPM Express permissions. PPM Express administrator defines permission level for each user with a Regular license type on the People Management page.
    • Team Member type - users with Team Member license type have read permissions and view all PPM Express Portfolios and Projects by default. Using 'Collaborate on' permission PPM Express administrator can grant Team Members permission for editing PPM Express tasks. On the People Management page, PPM Express administrator may define what Portfolios and/or Projects exactly these users have permissions to review and/or edit tasks for. 

    When the first user signs up to PPM Express and creates the tenant for the organization, a trial Monthly Professional license will be applied automatically that is valid for 30 days and includes 2 users with Regular license type and 10 users with Team Members license type. 

    After 30 days PPM Express Administrator will have access only to the Billing settings page if the plan was not selected and paid.

    License type for all other users in the list will be set to 'Not applied'. These users will no longer be able to log in to PPM Express until PPM Express administrator selects the required license plan, pays for the required number of users and assigns the license to the users on the People Management page. 

    Please note: Only users with Administrate app permissions and Manage Billing permissions can open and manage Billing Settings pages. Only users with Administrate app permissions can open and manage the People Management page.

    To select the required license plan, pay for it and add more users to PPM Express, please perform the following:

    1. Open the PPM Express Billing Settings page.

    2. Navigate to the required plan: Annual Core/Pro or Monthly Core/Pro and click Select plan button.

    Please note: If you do not want to pay with your debit/credit card and would like to receive and pay with the payment order, please select Enterprise plan and click Contact us button. In this way, you will contact our Sales Team and they will issue the required number of user seats and will send the invoice to be paid. 

    3. In the window that appears, provide the number of Regular User Seats, the number of Team Member Seats

    You can review your Total price at once. Click Proceed to confirm the selection. 

    4. Your Order page will be opened where you can review the details for your order and the price. 

    Click the Proceed to Checkout button to pay for your order. 

    5. Provide your payment details;

    • Account
    • Billing and Shipping information
    • Payment details

    Click Pay and Subscribe button to pay for your order. 

    6. Click Close to close the Billing Operations window.

    The plan will be applied at once and you can review the details in the Subscription Information section for the Billing Settings page. 

    You can always change the plan if required. For more details, please refer to How to change the number of users in the current subscription plan article. 

    For detailed information about the Billing Settings page, and the payment procedure please refer to this article.

    7. Next, open the People Management page. 

    8. Select to edit the user accounts with the 'Not Applied' license type. 

    9. In the License field select the required license type: Regular or Team Member. Set the required permissions and click Save to save the changes. 

    You can add or invite more users to your PPM Express tenant, according to the number of users in the license plan you have selected. If you would like to change the number of users for your plan, this can be easily done following the steps in this article.

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