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    PPM Express Subscription Plans

    PPM Express provides five subscription plans that you can select from:

    • Core Monthly Plan
    • Core Annual Plan 
    • Professional Monthly Plan
    • Professional Annual Plan
    • Enterprise Plan

    For the pricing details and the information about what is included in each plan, please fill in the form at: https://ppm.express/quote or contact our Sales Team directly at: sales@ppm.express

    PPM Express Core / Professional Monthly plans are for customers who want flexibility and prefer to pay for licenses every month. The payment will be processed automatically every month from a credit/debit card provided in the Billing&Shipping information and Payment details of the Billing Operations window.

    PPM Express Core / Professional  Annual plans are for customers who prefer to pay annually and enjoy a discount. 

    PPM Express Enterprise plan is a custom plan for organizations that need enterprise features and/or a large number of users (over 30 users). Customers can buy Enterprise plans by contacting the Sales Team. 

    Trial subscription period

    When registering a new tenant it is possible to select the plan for the trial period: Core Monthly or Professional Monthly. 

    Both Core and Professional Plans Trial Subscriptions will be available for one month. They both include 12 user seats (2 Regular and 10 Team Member license types). Professional Monthly Plan is issued by default (if the Core Monthly plan was not selected during registration). 

    Please note: Professional Plan and Core Plan have different functionality. You can review the features included in each plan below.

    Once the trial period is over, you will be required to select a subscription plan to continue using PPM Express. If the required plan was not purchased after 30 days trial, only the Billing Settings page will be available for the PPM Express Administrator. Other users will lose access to PPM Express until the plan is purchased. 

    Subscription Plans

    The set of features available to users differs between Core, Professional, and Enterprise Plans. The table below represents the summary of available functionality depending on the selected plan.

    Features Core Professional Enterprise
    Portfolio Management

    View Portfolios Yes Yes Yes
    Manage Portfolios Yes Yes Yes
    Financial Management N/A Yes Yes
    Project Management

    View Projects Yes Yes Yes
    Manage Projects Yes Yes Yes
    PPM Express Tasks Yes Yes Yes
    Financial Management N/A Yes Yes
    Integration / Link Projects

    Jira N/A Yes Yes
    Azure DevOps N/A Yes Yes
    Microsoft Project Online N/A Yes Yes
    Planner N/A Yes Yes
    URL / File Link Yes Yes Yes
    Work Together Partial Yes Yes
    Advanced Project Management

    Risks Yes Yes Yes
    Issues Yes Yes Yes
    Action Items Yes Yes Yes
    Change Requests Yes Yes Yes
    Iterations N/A Yes Yes
    Key Decisions N/A Yes Yes
    Lessons Learned N/A Yes Yes
    Steering Committee N/A Yes Yes
    Time Tracking Integration N/A N/A Yes

    Strategic Themes N/A Yes Yes
    Strategic Prioritization N/A Yes Yes
    Decision Matrix N/A Yes Yes
    PPM Insights

    PPM Insights Dashboard N/A Yes Yes
    AI Status Calculation N/A N/A Yes
    MS Teams Integration

    Stream to Teams N/A N/A Yes
     @Teams Daily Summary N/A N/A Yes
     @Teams Weekly Summary N/A N/A Yes
    Project Warnings N/A Yes Yes
    My Space Yes Yes Yes
    Idea Management N/A N/A Yes
    Resource Management

    Resource Pool Yes Yes Yes
    Team Planner N/A Yes Yes
    Project Resource Plan N/A Yes Yes
    Resource Details Partial Yes Yes
    Native Client Apps / API

    Microsoft Teams Yes Yes Yes
    Power BI Reporting (external) Yes Yes Yes

    User License Types

    PPM Express price depends on the plan selected and the number of users from your Team that you would like to add to the PPM Express tenant and the license types you would like to assign to each user. 

    There are two types of license that can be assigned to PPM Express users:

    • Regular - users with the Regular license may have a full set of PPM Express permissions. PPM Express administrator defines the permission level for each user with a Regular license on the People Management page.
    • Team Member - users with Team Member license have read permissions and view all PPM Express Portfolios and Projects by default. Using 'Collaborate on' permission PPM Express administrator can grant Team Members permission for editing PPM Express tasks. On the People Management page, the PPM Express administrator may define what Portfolios and/or Projects exactly these users have permissions to review and/or edit tasks for.

    The person who registered the PPM Express tenant will have a Regular license type with Administrate app permissions. 

    As other users register in PPM Express, Regular licenses will be assigned first. As all Regular user seats are issued, Team Member licenses will be assigned to the next users further registering in PPM Express. When users are registered in PPM Express, the PPM Express Administrator can change the license type and assign the licenses and permissions as required.

    As the license plan is selected, the PPM Express Administrator can assign the required license type to the users on the People Management page.

    For detailed information on the available plans on how to select and pay for the required plan, please refer to the 'Billing Settings' article. 

    You can always change the number of users within your subscription plan if required. For more details, please refer to the 'How to change the number of users in the current subscription plan' article. 

    To change your current subscription to a different one, please refer to the 'How to change the PPM Express subscription plan' article. 

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