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    PPM Express Connection types

    PPM Express supports 2 groups of connections available for linking projects created in PPM Express:

    • Link to Project
    • Work Together

    Link to Project

    Link to Projects group is not available for Core plan.

    This group combines external PPM connections that PPM Express synchronizes data from. Data from the synchronized system is displayed in the Team and Schedule sections of the PPM Express project.

    Available external PPM Express connections:

    PPM Express allows linking PPM Express projects to one or several connections at once. To find more information on how to create and link PPM Express project to the connections PPM Express supports, refer to this article.

    Work Together

    This group combines connections that are designed for communication and data exchange between team members.

    Work Together connection can be linked to a PPM Express project separately or along with any connection from Link to Project group

    Available connections:

    Teams group connection is not available for Core plan. 

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